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Six ways easy ways to invest in real estate

The time to invest in real estate is now! The opportunity to gain passive income through real estate has never been more accessible than this time in history. Most of us are realizing how important it is to have extra income coming in. Real estate investment can be the ultimate side-hustle that provides a comfortable return. You can set up your own business with your family and friends or legitimize yourself by investing in revenue-producing properties and hiring property management firms to handle the day today. There are six great ways to invest in real estate that are accessible with a little research and negotiating skills. These six ways to invest are:

1. Home Rental

The simplest form of real estate investing is renting your own home. This typically happens when a homeowner buys a second home and rents the old home part of the year or full time which brings in monthly rent for the homeowner. This could also be done through platforms like Airbnb, which allows homeowners to rent out homes/rooms for vacationing tenants.

2. House Flipping

Live-in flips work similarly to home rentals, but a live-in flip usually takes a risk on a home that needs maintenance and development in order to capitalize on it being offered at a cheaper selling price. Live-in flips involve some sort of patience and if you have the skill to handle the bulk of the repairs you could save you money in the long-run when ready to sell or rent the property. House flipping is a popular way to build your real estate portfolio.

3. Turn-key Properties

Turn-key properties are real estate investments that are existing. When purchasing turn-key properties you will take on any existing tenants, this allows you to immediately have access to revenue. That being said, you will also be required to take on any maintenance issues and structural damage that may have been there prior to your purchase.

4. REIT’s

These are real estate investment trust that encompasses a variety of offerings the invest in a diverse pool of real estate. The funds are required to distribute 95% of its earnings to its shareholders. These funds are heavily tested in order to keep their status as a REIT. These are ideal for getting your real estate portfolio off the ground.

5. Syndication

Syndication is the process of pooling together funds from a group of investors in order to purchase and resell/rent revenue-producing properties. Syndication is the perfect solution for new real estate investors with little cash but the and connections to make deals that benefit the group.

6. Crowdfunding Platforms

Crowdfunding has become one of the most effective ways to find investors who want to support an investment that either brings high return or have a great positive effect on a particular community. Crowdfunding allows you to deal directly with people whose vision aligns with yours. Cut the middle man out and provide an opportunity for a larger pool of potential investors to connect with your investment.

The variety of ways to jumpstart your real.investing goals are available. Take your time and see which option fits your financial situation and the market you are looking to work out of. Research is vital to the real estate investing process and having a team around you that will guide you towards your investing goals.

Are you interested in generating passive income through real estate investment? You have come to the perfect place. Our team connects investors to great real estate opportunities within the US. Want to know more, click here and contact us TODAY!

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