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Overlooked expenses in Real Estate

Here are the most overlooked expenses you NEED to pay attention to in real estate investing

So you’ve discovered some run down real estate in your city but you don’t know where to start to begin your journey? You don’t necessarily have all of the money you need but you have access to investors? Now it is time for you to put together your business plan, but you have no clue on what to include or what banks and other lenders will be looking for during the loan application process. We often see novice investors make minor overlooks that can cost them big money on their investment if not carefully planned for, this article will explain the most overlooked expenses in real estate investing.

Things not to overlook

When putting together a budget for investment there are several factors you must consider prior to signing any contracts or committing to any loan. When you are appraising the property you are interested in, there are factors that many beginners may miss simply because of lack of information.

Account for Vacancies

A vacancy is a part of real estate ownership, sometimes excited investors overlook the time in which it will take to clean, repair, and then rent the property. During this time, rent payments will still need to be met, property taxes, and other necessary utility expenses that will help to keep the property in good shape will all need to be accounted for. These expenses could last a month or a year depending on the interest in the property and how you determine who qualifies to live in the property. You must take into consideration this timeframe as you make your budget because under-representing the number can change how much is returned on your initial investment.

Upkeep and Management

The thing about repairing and up keeping your real estate, it doesn’t just stop when you rent the property. Although the renter has some responsibility, ultimately the major repairs, like plumbing, air and conditioning, infrastructure, and pest control will be taken care of by the owner of the property. These are all annual expenses in most cases and should be taken into consideration when devising your plan. The most effective way to provide these needs indirectly is by hiring an adequate property management company who can handle the load for you, allowing you to focus on securing other investments.

Upkeep also includes turn-cost or value ads. These are additions you may add to the property to entice new renters. This could be flatscreen TVs, large beds, or simply adding laundry amenities to the property.

Taxes and Living Expenses

As a real estate investor, you will be adding outside expenses to your existing expenses. You will have to pay property tax and any other relatable real estate tax that applies to your state or country. Having the necessary financial cushion can save you from financial insecurities throughout the buying and renting process.

Will renters like your property?

When narrowing down expenses and the price in which you will decide to rent it is important that investors pay attention to two factors.

  1. What do people say about the community the property is in?

  2. How does the unit/property flow? Do we have the necessities for quality living?

Having an understanding of the geography, demographics, and quality of life in the community you are attempting to rent, will allow you to render a fair price for rent and it ensures you only look for residents who can meet those standards on a monthly basis.

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